Arielle Cousineau

Captain in UNTIL


Arielle Cousineau is a heavily built woman of french descent. She has reddish blonde hair, green eyes, and a large, toned body. She’s a blunt woman who uses information provided by her coworkers and subordinates only as much as is needed, preferring to use her own tactical wit for everything else. She’s abrasive and to the point, and if she doesn’t like what you’re doing, she usually makes it clear.
She doesn’t shy away from intimidation, getting rough, or even torture if she feels it’s necessary to get the job done.


Captain Cousineau was the one who hired CTS to fight the infected Qularr. At the conclusion of this business, Cousineau promised to end research on the Qularr contagion and to destroy the samples in the labs she’s been charged with.

Arielle Cousineau

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