Race: Human, augmented
Gender: female
Class: Mage Knight, Shock Trooper

Mage Power: Light Manipulation

  • Invisibility
  • Light alteration
  • Touch range of influence
    Arneila’s Mage Power allows her to manipulate light, the most common use for this is making herself invisible. She can also make those in direct physical contact with her invisible as well. Other such uses are refracting, dispersing, or even focusing light, allowing her to stop lazer bolts, and even redirect them. She can also cause her body to glow, creating light in dark places. She often gets a kick out of changing the way light reacts to certain objects, effecively changing their color for a period of time.
    Arneila has not practised her mage power very much, and so has limited ability to control it, as well as only being able to manipulate light in contact with her body.

Knight Armor

  • Red Plasma Projection
  • Force Energy Shielding
  • Armor Energy Infusion
    Arneila makes use of a Red Plasma energy projection weapon system that has a very short range, but is incredibly devastating to her foes. Superheating a target with her plasma and then tearing at it with her cybernetic claws usually reduces her targets in short order. Her suit is equipped with Force Energy shielding, granting her excellent defense for her combat role. Lastly, her suit’s custom function infuses itself with its own energy in a beneficial way. It allows her to stand in intense fires (such as her own plasma, or even magma) without coming to harm. Additional she can also create lingering Force Shield effects, both allowing herself to extend the duration of an intensified shield, or even leave a shield suspended for a few seconds.


  • Cybernetic Claws
  • Cybernetic Tail
  • Artificial Organs
  • Hyperion Steel Skeleton
    Arneila augmented herself with claws that allow her to get a wider footing, and allow her to grab dangerous objects without damaging her hands. She no longer has her organic hands or feet, but as a dedicated Knight and Shock Trooper she’s alright with this, and is just as dextrous with her cybernetics as she would be with her originals. Arneila also added a cybernetic tail to help with balance (it also exerts a good thwacking to back-attacking offenders).
    Several of her organs have been replaced by artificial cybernetic organs in anticipation of extreme physical conditions. In the event that she goes into overwhelming stress (due to torture or severe physical damage) her organs will continue to function properly.
    Lastly her skeleton has been replaced with an extremely advanced organic metal, making her body incredibly hardy.

Aside from standard martial arts, Arneila has trained in a unique beastial fighting style that allows her to move very quickly in almost any kind of terrain, despite being on all fours. The style allows for both hit and run attacks and direct disabling attacks (usually in the form of a lunging tackle that allows the beastial to bite vital locations, in Arneila’s case with claws).


A tall human woman with blue eyes and blonde hair. Her hands and forearms have been replaced by cybernetic claws, as well as her feet and ankles. She has a mechanical tail that waves about like an organic one. She’s often seen with an arrangement of glowing blue runes on her body, and frequently wears red.

Arneila speaks in a soft tone, though her words are very strong. She borders sweet effeminate behavior and a roughhousing attitude. When out of her armor she’s like a loving mother, but while in her armor she’s pure business.


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