Commander Vilareth

Knight Commander of the Order of Haven


Race: Drow
Gender: Male
Class: Mage Knight

Mage Power: Metalmancy.

  • Metalshaping
  • metal kinesis
  • 50 foot range
    Vilareth most commonly uses his power to form a razor sharp sword that never loses its edge while it is in his hands. He can also form makeshift armor or a shield, and repair damage done to metallic objects. He will also use his power to warp the metal of the equipment on his enemies, either disabling them in some way or even subduing or killing them.
    With his Metalmancy he is able to move metal objects (similar to Magneto) which commonly allows him to fly by levitating a disc of metal that he uses as a platform. He also carries rods of metal which he uses in place of a rifle, ejecting sharp chips of metal at high velocity, allowing him to attack foes further than his 50 feet of influence. Lastly he sometimes creates a whirling storm of tiny razor blades around him, cutting and slicing enemies who come into melee range.
    Vilareth’s power is renown as one of the greatest in his kingdom, granting him 50 feet of range for his Mage Power’s influence.
    As with nearly every mage power from his world, he cannot affect organic metals or magically charged metals.

Knight Armor

  • Force Energy Projection
  • Force Energy Shielding
  • Enhanced Photonic Storage Unit
    Vilareth’s armor is equipped with the upgraded versions of the basic Force Energy weapons and shielding system, as well as all the other basics. His custom function is an enhanced Photonic Storage Unit, allowing him to store considerably larger objects and quantities of objects than most normal suits allow. Primarily he stores several rods of metal within which he uses for his weapons and combat functions.

Vilareth is a male Drow of average stature, that is to say shorter than a human. He is well built for a drow. He has red eyes and long white hair often tied back in a ponytail.

Vilareth is an expert martial artist, both in fighting, and in spirit. He tends to be very patient, and rarely raises his voice. His lax nature earns him some warm respect, and his ability to buckle down and motivate his Knights to be serious when the situation calls for such earns him more respect. He prefers to act as a subtle guiding hand when he wants to educate his peers and students, as opposed to outright tell them their mistakes and make public corrections. His only real flaw is that he’s often hard on himself for most of the things he does.

Commander Vilareth

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