Like Falen, but smaller?


Race: Drow
Gender: Female
Class: Knight Mage, Inquisitor

Mage Power: Matter Strength Manipulation

  • Hardening/Softening
  • Alter state
  • Bonding/Splitting
  • Touch range of influence
    Faelen’s mage power allows her to manipulate the structural density and strength of matter. She can intensify the molecular bonds within an object, making a sponge as resilient to damage as a dense stone, or making a steel wall have the fortification of tissue paper. She can use this power to make an allies armor much more resistent to damage(though this may cause the subject’s movement to suffer to some degree), and has turned a cave in to sand in order to get out. She has also been seen making a rock as soft as a pillow, and thus using is as a place to sit comfortably.
    Faelen’s ability allows her to alter the physical state of some matter to a limited degree. Such effects include turning water into gel or even solidifying it like ice. Similar to turning stone to sand, she can cause glass or metal to melt. Note that this state shift is purely artificial and does not affect the temperature.
    Using this power Faelen is able to bond materials together, or split them apart. This combined with her other uses of this power allow her to do mechanical maintenance work without needing tools (for the most part).
    Faelen’s mage power is not particularly potent, and her range of influence is limited to touch. As with other mage powers, she cannot affect organic material or magically charged material.

Knight Armor

  • Force Energy Projection
  • Force Energy Shielding
  • Directional Thrust
    Faelen’s armor is equipped with standard Force Energy projection and shielding systems. Her custom function allows her to specifically direct this Force Energy from her boots and gauntlets. With this, she can perform rocket boosted punches and kicks that are particularly devastating. With well timed opposing bursts of energy she can also create a powerful force shockwave that momentarily stuns not only the person she punched/kicked, but those close by.

Faelen is a small, lithe drow woman with purple hair and eyes and extremely attractive features.

Faelen loves Earth. In comparison to her highly intelligent, yet highly mundane homeworld, Earth is extremely colorful and interesting. She was always considered a weirdo in her world, far too energetic and animated. She’s a hard worker, but acts far too casual for most people’s tastes, and sometimes comes off as never taking anythign seriously. She’s very effeminate and has a very soft and caring nature (despite the tough girl phase she went through after the divorce).
Faelen was mistaken for another drow woman of a similar name when she came to Earth. This eventually led to the two drow meeting, and to a bitter parting (for mostly undiscussed reasons).
Faelen’s primary job in her Knightly Order is as Inquisitor, which means she seeks whispers of enemies of her kingdom and world.


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