Falen Akavat

ultra heavy drow warrior


Basic: Falen is a 6 and a half foot tall drow who is essentially a meat slab of a woman. She has purple hair and her entire body is decorated with scars from battle. She speaks in a low, powerful womans voice, and her body structure has made several people confuse her for a man.

Powers: Falen’s super powers are primarily Ultra Density (weighing 800 lbs), which gives her super strength and resilience, and Indomidable Willpower, which allows her all manner of boosts to ability. She also seems to be roughly 90% resistant to magical energy of all kinds. Though this energy does not become available for her use, and it prevents her from being able to use magic or magical items, it does make her highly resistent to harmful spells (and unfortunately helpful spells). Falen has also been aflicted with lycanthropy, and can become werewolf-like during high supernatural events such as the Blood Moon.

Skills: Falen has many long years of experience, and so has become particularly versatile. While she has very little social ability (save for being able to intimidate) her combat ability is considerably impressive. While not being a master of any weapon (except for the Breaker Class heavy sword) she is able to pick up nearly any weapon and be somewhat effective with it. While this primarily applies to melee weapons she has been learning how to handle modern firearms and is at least competent with them (she does have trouble with energy weapons however). Fighting has become a second nature for her, and she is able to fend off attackers while still focusing on another task, provided the attacker is not an expert. She is also a skilled blacksmith, and has minor medical skills. She is largely inept at using a computer and only barely competent when operating a vehicle. Lastly she is an expert demonologist, having hunted demons as her primary job in her old world, and is specially skilled at fighting enemies larger than herself.


Bio in brief: Falen is 200 years old, and only came to earth 5 years ago. She hails from a world called Midera, a medieval era world of magic and monsters. When asked about her heritage, she tells that she was born to a family of drow berserkers in Chel, but ran away when she was 20 due to horrible family experiences. While she doesn’t go into detail, her mother is mentioned with particular scorn. She went on to join a mercenary group where she began to learn her fighting skills, and where her powers began to develope.
Eventually the group disbanded, due to unfortunate circumstances, and Falen forged her own path, slowly making a name for herself and gaining several powerful pieces of equipment. She might tell the story of how she nearly turned undead tyring to destroy a necromantic tome, or how maniacal goblins chased her into a voclano and tried to dissect her for their experiments, or the demon who’s armor rejected him when it saw Falen, or the woman who betrayed her trust.
She met the man who would become her adopted father, Seehme Akavat, in Rose City, where she was seduced by and became the servant of a demon woman. When she first met Seehme, the man worked for the ruler of the city, and they were enemies. Eventually Seehme freed Falen from the spell she was under, and the two of them learned the ruler of the city was actually possessed by an evil spirit, of which the demon woman was trying to subdue. Together they defeated the spirit, but were separated in the aftermath of the battle.
Eventually Falen would fight a powerful black dragon devil, the fateful day when the gods of her world used the opportunity to tear both her and the dragon out of their dimension and cast them elsewhere. As it happened, Falen appeared in Paragon City of Earth. Her adventures continued as a superhero until she came to Millenium City, the rest is history.

Personality: Falen is a cold, harsh woman. She’s been caled a workaholic due to her constantly serious behavior and diligence in getting the job done, even when she’s not on a mission. This may be due in part to her affinity for combat being at a level where she must fight on a regular basis or go crazy. In any case, she’s not much of a joker, though she’s known to be a bit playful with a few people she considers close friends. Because she’s not much of a social person, she’s quiet during conversation, usually just sitting nearby and listening. She doesn’t argue very much and she usually leaves difference of opinion alone (those who are right will prevail, those who are wrong will fall). She is fiercely protective of her close friends, and almost always seems ready to throw the first punch if the need arises. This tends to put most people on edge around her. She’s not certain of her sexual orientation, but leans towards men, though her romantic life is not important to her.

Falen Akavat

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