the blue warrior Gorj


A Gorj female of moderate size (20 feet long) with a glistening blueish carapace. Her eyes are a deep reddish purple and give off the feeling like she knows more than she lets on. Her horn curves back slightly, branching off into 4 points.
Natera is usually seen in her combat harness, which sports a helmet and visor, additional plating for her legs and back, as well as two directional energy cannons coming off her shoulders. There seems to be a slew of other functions in her harness.
Natera’s Arm is much clearer than other Gorj, and also smells less foul.


CTS met Natera during a mission in the desert, when the team was tasked with rescuing several dig workers from a Warkriss band.
Natera behaves very generously and seems to value teamwork. She seems to have a bit of a joking manner and has been known to lick her lips in jest towards robotic allies. She is also extremely proud of her carapace and its shine and prides herself on her good diet (of high quality questionite and plant matter).


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