Welcome to Falen-chan’s RP lore for Champions Online.
Among the following pages will be background information, history, biographies, and other general information for the various characters, organizations, worlds, magical theories, and other creations of Falen-chan’s.
This will be a large work in progress, and many sections will likely be left missing chunks, that is until I can get to that section and finish it. Also, the information here that is available to the public is facts that are widely known about the subject in question. Even if your character has never met a Gorj, merely being around the Cerberus Tactical Solutions group may have yielded some snippets of information about them. The information that will not be publically posted are the hidden secrets about the subjects, such information will only be accessible to the characters (characters not players) who have gone the extra lengths to find out such information.

Falen-chan's Lore for Champions Online